Isolated places: Oceanic pole of inaccessibility (Point Nemo)

Think of the most isolated island that you can imagine – the farthest removed from anything that could be called civilization, an island that can barely support a population of shrubs. Now take the island away. This is the oceanic pole of inaccessibility, also known as “Point Nemo” after the captain in Jules Verne’s science… Read More Isolated places: Oceanic pole of inaccessibility (Point Nemo)

Declarations of independence: Catalonia

If one were to make a list of currently active national independence movements that are likely to succeed, first place would probably be taken by Scotland – especially after controversial British EU exit vote that met with two-to-one opposition by the Scots. And Scotland, unlike most would-be sovereign states, has a centuries-long history of independence… Read More Declarations of independence: Catalonia

Strange states: Free Lebanon State (1979 – 1984)

The story of the Lebanese Republic has largely been a tragic one.  This small state, wedged between Israel to the south and Syria to the east and north, has been time and time again walked all over by its far more powerful neighbors.  Lebanon’s ethnic and religious diversity has also been a cause of instability,… Read More Strange states: Free Lebanon State (1979 – 1984)